Thursday, November 23, 2006

It is possible to listen to a roar of the Big Explosion on the Internet

Professor John Cramer from university University of Washington is convinced that the sound of the Big Explosion was similar to noise of the jet airplane, flying by at night above your house at height of 30 meters.

Cramer 11 years are engaged in researches of the Big Explosion which has happened 13 billion years ago. On "prints" of Explosion - to microchanges which it has left after itself in temperature of a space - Cramer
has restored its sounding and has laid out this noise in the Internet on this page. Record lasts 100 seconds.

For gathering "prints" by means of satellite NASA a number of experiments on measurement of levels of space radiation has been lead.

Reconstruction of a sound of the Big Explosion is a part of the project under the name "Boomerang".


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