Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's all about space

Time is precious today, as well as storage space, you never
have enough of them. Modern hard disks are already almost in
the terabyte range, and still has almost every PC users perform
periodic Entrümpelungsaktionen so that the computer before
louder garbage not in the knee. Well, fortunately turns the
technology-spiral ever faster and resourceful researchers find
new ways to the performance of the medium.

An interesting is throwing Samsung succeeded. They have
recently, the first 32GB flash memory card presented soon and
want to be able to much larger models to be developed. Not that
the new technology would be particularly because ultimately
lies in virtually every digital camera already such a card, but
they have a capacity of no more than a few gigabytes. The
advantages? For one contains a SSD (Solid State Disk) no moving
parts and is thus very good for the mobile sector, where
mechanical vibrations could damage hard drives, it also weighs
only about half of a conventional hard drive, takes about 95%
less power and works completely silent. Even when data
throughput, the SSD's ahead, as they can about 3 times faster
read and 1.5 times faster described as a mechanical disk. The
use game consoles in the next generation is already planned.



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