Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Next-Generation-nightmare

Once again, the video-game industry last year,
its huge marketing machine angeworfen and propagated
since the birth of a new generation of hardware and
software, but after the financial reports for the last
quarter of mood prevails in many hangover. Many companies
wrote the red, others even disappeared from the scene.
The Buzz, which the Next Generation made, the sale of
products of current systems in the last six months
adversely affected. Consumers receive only a console,
which still has many childhood diseases and games,
although technically refurbished, but not more than
infusions titles are already available. These are many
promises, which are already partially again, as in
politics precisely.

The Internet magazine with the appropriate name Next
Generation, in a seeming almost ironic article on the search
for the culprits for this
transition Nightmare.


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