Saturday, October 27, 2007

Real Virtuality and War

One of the most exciting questions in the
context of video games for me is still how this in the
last few decades our society (media) have coined, and
even turn were influenced by this. My thesis is that
video games and video game systems to a driving factor
for the merger and hybridization of various advanced
technologies. Several industries have already thrust of
the video game industry have discovered, and these uses.
Not least, the military and the defense industry, the
video games has been going on for years, their purposes
(mis) need. Recent examples are projects of the U.S. Army
and the South Korean armed forces, which gamers as a
consultant for the development of war-simulations or to
use modern weapons systems to use, which of the control
her imitates a video game. The following links refer to
two articles, which a brief glimpse into a reality, which
only a few years ago as hollywoodsche vision would have
been ridiculed.

Soldiers Use Skills to Game Master Remote

South Korean Air Force recruits


On both articles, there are comments from various readers,
some of which I would like to add here.

"Very worrying. With the increase of RPVs / Drones / etc armed
robots Skynet gets a bit closer with each passing year ...
(Link: Wikipedia on Skynet)

I'm half joking .. But not helped. "

"Some day the korean army will have commanders who are high
ranking Starcraft players."

"The whole program crumbles when they discover that" God Mode
"does not exist on the battlefield, just a lot of griefing and
player killing .... and no way to drop connection when you're


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