Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Xbox 360 in heat

The German Konsolen-Modder by
have made a terrible discovery. After cutting a Xbox 360
they believe the reason for the
overheating problems found on the
console. It appears, at the assembly of some machines
forget the protective film to remove what the
Wärmeleitpad between the graphics chip and the heat sink
from contamination such as dust contamination. This is
obviously the derivation of the heat affected by the
graphics chip, which can lead to crashes and in the worst
case of heat exposure to graphic unit, and thus the
entire console. If this fear out to be correct, it could
be a severe setback for Microsoft's plans, the video-game
world to conquer ... jaja, the video-game world exists in
a parallel universe known to the world. Wusstet you not?

Addendum: Microsoft has on the allegation by
responded and
issued a statement in which is that
this film very much a purpose, and the assembly and
disassembly easier. This shows once again that we should
prefer to wait before such messages without a review.
Should me a lesson.


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