Thursday, November 23, 2006

On Mars it is not audible loud shouts.

Amanda Hanford and Lyle Long from Pennsylvania State University have lead computer modelling passages of sound waves to a martian atmosphere.

Proceeding from low density of an atmosphere of Mars, it is already possible to assume, that the sound will extend there badly.

However the American scientists have executed numerical experiment which has allowed in more details and to describe precisely travel of a sound on Mars.

They have filled a virtual box with a virtual atmosphere in amount of 10 million molecules of carbonic gas (The basic component of an atmosphere of the Red planet), movement of each of which paid off a computer.

The modelled sound wave passed from one end of a box on another.
The computer has shown, that a loud sound which on the Earth it is easy travel on distance in some kilometers, completely will calm down after passage of several tens meters on Mars.

Even shrill squeal of a petrol lawn-mower there would be absolute silence already through 100 meters, authors of research confirm.

It, probably, should be considered to TV men who simulate landing people to Mars in Canada with all possible credibility.


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