Saturday, October 27, 2007

Clash of Titans: next round

The battle for supremacy among the game
consoles of the next generation is not just the hardware
but mainly decided by the software. That is in itself
nothing new, because after all, it was always so, that
consoles with good games sold better than those with bad.
For several years, but has become more difficult since
most of Cross-platform title to be published. There are
also exceptions, and sometimes a publisher decides, for
whatever reason, a game exclusively for a specific
platform to publish. If these publishers still one of the
great as for example Ubisoft and a Toptitel like
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway announces it
deserves special attention such message. In this case
seems to Ubisoft decided to have the title only for the
PC and PS3 to announce the Xbox 360 was nowhere
mentioned. If this is really true and should really
decide Ubisoft, Microsoft in the publication of such a
peak before title to the outside, then that's a political
statement to evaluate. This should, in any case,
Microsoft aufstossen sour.

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