Saturday, October 27, 2007

In brand we trust

I found Sony as a brand has always been
sympathetic, why can I not explain exactly, but it is a
brand that I trust, because I think that they are good
products on offer. Even Nintendo is very nice to me,
because I think that behind the brand are people for whom
money is not everything in this world. Also, I think that
they are very creative and always for a good innovation.
Microsoft, however, is rather unpleasant to me, but here
I can not explain why, finally have an Xbox and I think
that it's a pretty good piece of hardware. Nevertheless,
I like the mark is not quite like. That such feelings
buyers with their shopping behavior control is neither
new nor particularly exciting, but a lot about the
development of a market comment. For example, I am even
more of the view that Microsoft is good hardware and
games produced, but the customer emotionally less to bind
to white, as Sony or Nintendo. I am also quite sure that
this is an important factor for the fact that the PS2 is
still the most successful console. A study in which these
criteria were investigated, now occupied my suspicions,
at least in part, Sony and placed in favor of consumers
far ahead of Nintendo or Microsoft.



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