Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nintendo lifting the veil a little ...

Now Nintendo has also, at least in part, the
silence is broken and Satoru Iwata at the Game Developers
Conference (GDC), the company officially announced
strategy after some of the details leaked weeks ago. It
is clear that Nintendo appears to lack the resources to
the technological arms race of competitors Sony and
Microsoft say, but obviously was never the intention.
Iwata stressed that not a great game graphics package,
but the Spialbarkeit, the gameplay. Thank you, Mr. Iwata.
Thus, he reasoned, the lack of support for the
high-definition format. In his view, are still too few
televisions and video for the new standard, and are now
in the next few years slowly spread. Nintendo wanted for
the design of new video games new ways and the players
unprecedented opportunities. An important role will be
with the new security controller, which is designed, the
movements of the players using sensors to detect. Another
important strategic factor is the backward compatibility
of the Nintendo Revolution, which will be able, even
Nintendo games of the oldest generations in a new glory
to leave, and this is something hot, Nintendo has finally
been quite a few consoles on the market and the portfolio
of games is huge. This approach, however, all providers,
and Microsoft with the Xbox 360 in the field at the
shortest lever is because old Xbox games on the console
only be emulated, and the number of supported games arg
still remains too weak. Nevertheless, the bill for all
this rise, since the one is just very retro gaming in and
also can be so out of the cult of long-forgotten title
without large capital expenses beat. Unfortunately silent
Nintendo remains on the exact specifications of the
Revolution, but we can wait.



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