Saturday, October 27, 2007

The uncertain future Xbox

Adam Roberts, Executive Vice President of the
Publishers Vivendi Europe, revealed in a recent interview
with concerned for the future of the
Xbox. In fact, Microsoft seems to be since the launch of
the Xbox 360 is not much more to the older sister to take
care of. It should also noticed the game developers, and
there is a risk that the life cycle of the remains
competitive console could end prematurely. Also, the
seller could be on Microsoft's behavior react negatively
and the Xbox no longer support, in order not to bear the
risk to their stockpiles to sit. Meanwhile, Sony seems,
despite the announcement of their PS3 still on the still
highly successful PS2 noted and one can assume that even
in the next few years games for the console will appear.
The same strategy has Sony already with the first
PlayStation persecuted, whose production recently, four
years after appear to be the PS2, has been set. Whether
these fears are true and whether Microsoft's Xbox really
in the verses distractions can disappear, probably in the
course of the year. From today's perspective, such a
strategy seems least still sensitive, but the launch of
the Xbox 360, especially in Asia and in Europe is not
exactly brilliant.

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