Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Xbox 360 receives a new heart

Video game consoles were until now always
closed systems. Perhaps they contain components from
different manufacturers, but in fact were consoles of the
same type also in the design. Sony has been at the time
of the PlayStation with this tradition broken and after a
few years, a smaller, improved PSone on the market. Also,
the PS2 appeared in the sequence after some time in the
form of the much more compact Slim PS2 version, which is
not only much smaller than the first models, but also an
integrated network adapter, the one in front of it still
had to buy separately. Microsoft Xbox spendierte of
several successors. Although designed for the consumer it
is not clear, so there are different models of the black
box. The version numbers range from 1.0 to 1.6 and there
are also several DVD drives were used. Now, the Xbox 360
will undergo a revision, and a new CPU. The new cores are
65nm and 90nm no longer in the manufacturing process,
which both heat as well as electricity to reduce
consumption of chips. Furthermore, it can be more units
to lower costs to produce.

The consoles thus move a step closer to the PC approach,
always with new components must be to the latest software to be
able to play.

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