Thursday, November 23, 2006

The pointed mountains have rejuvenated the Moon unknown gas

The moon which seems absolutely fallen asleep and lifeless, earlier showed attributes of volcanic activity.

As it was found out, it was more recently - to astronomical measures,
Certainly. Important that a difference between former dating and new
It has appeared serious - the whole three orders!

In work under direction of professor Peter H. Schultz, there is no time participated in project Deep Impact,
Scientists of Planetary Science Institute and Brown's University took participated.

Researchers have concentrated the attention on area under name Ina - in this area in the extent about three kilometers
There are mountains of a volcanic origin. On the Moon astronomers could find out this place in the pictures received during missions Apollo.

By the way, basically in work photos of those times were used.
These given scientists have combined with the newest spectrometer data.

So, about Ina. The first, that Schultz's attention,-surprising clearness of a relief has drawn. " These sharp as edges, mountains, - such comparison was used by the professor, explaining the interest to this zone, - could not remain in such kind long. They should collapse for any 50 million years ".

On the Earth the wind and water quickly enough would destroy similar structures.
On the Moon as we know, such factors are not present, but it is exposed to continuous bombardment by space objects like tiny asteroids. And it leads to practically same effect, as terrestrial erosion.

Comparing exact scale representations Ina with other sites of a lunar surface (much more "shabby"), scientists have estimated age of these mountains approximately in 2 million years.


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