Friday, November 24, 2006

National spaceship "SpaceShipTwo" has opened unearthly potential

Wow! Right now we start to envy these lucky beggars. To these space tourists of the future with the ticket for $200 thousand in a pocket. Envy eating when you see these armchairs on which they will sit. These windows in which they will look. And in general - all this ship, on which and on which they will fly. God, you only look at this ship!

The breadboard model of ship SpaceShipTwo (SS2) in a cut on September, 28th was shown to public by the British millionaire sir Richard Branson. The head of empire Virgin as a whole and companies Virgin Galactic in particular has arranged presentation at festival NextFest, traditional a miracle-forum of American magazine Wired.

To spectators have been shown "soaring" above a stage SpaceShipOne and a breadboard model of the successor full-scale - with the right board opened that the interior developed not by somebody was visible, and Philippe Starck which is also the author of trade mark Virgin Galactic.

New SS2, also known under name VSS Enterprise, unlike SS1, is not going to beat any records. Its applicability - exclusively space tourism.

Therefore the ship approximately is three times larger than the predecessor and eight person contains: six passengers (in interior with two lines on three armchairs in everyone) and two pilots (in the cabin separated from interior).

" Now it is strange to me to think of this, but in 12 months we shall promulgate true spaceship and right after this we shall begin test flights ", - has informed collapsed in one of futuristic armchairs Branson.

SpaceShipTwo, as well as the second generation of self-summer-разгонщика WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) which will lift SS2 on height of 18,2 thousand meters, builds the company legendary Burt Rutan Scaled Composites, is more exact - her "daughter" Spaceship Company.

All works are almost completed, and the test flights planned on the beginning of 2008, will transit in the Californian Mohave desert.


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