Saturday, October 27, 2007

Da Vinci Code should PS3 anschieben

The video game industry gets even more
Schützenilfe colleagues in the film industry. Sony wants
the newly released film Da Vinci Code end of the
year rather than Blu-Ray film, so the launch of the PS3
support. The PS3 was at the E3 in Los Angeles and is
presented because of the unusually high selling price of
600 euros (600 US $) from all sides critical voices
harvested. Sony defended its strategy, including the
argument that the PS3 Blu-Ray Player of the cheapest on
the market, while other providers rather their devices
for 900 euros and would sell more. The offer sounds
tempting in the first moment, because we finally get the
money for an additional game console of the new
generation, but could form the shot go backwards, because
the future of video formats is anything but certain. If
Blu-Ray HD-DVD against Sony probably would enforce on
many consoles to stay down, because the Blu-Ray-Laufwerk
that a large part of the price of the PS3 makes it for
the consumer is unlikely to benefit, because even for the
most advanced games, the memory capacity of an HD-DVD

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