Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Japanese want to Wii

I am not really surprised by the results of the
survey of the Japanese magazine Famitsu. When asked which
of the Next-Gen-Konsolen they would prefer, said 68.8% of
readers with the Wii from Nintendo, while the PS3 with
21% and the Xbox 360 with about 7% were far behind. That
could indicate that that Nintendo's strategy, not the
best technically console to send into the race but one,
which is affordable and offers innovative game ideas,
could pay off. Also hardly surprising: about 90% of
readers have responded that the PS3 is too expensive.

I would begrudge the success of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft,
however, until now I am disappointed. What is the use of me as
a gamer all the technical gimmicks, if only games I always
prefixed wars, which I have several hundred times on other
systems have played? I want to feel fresh air in this industry,
which focus on the essentials in their business from the eyes
seem to have lost. For me, there are currently only a few
companies that their products really orient the players, and
one of them is Nintendo. My voice got her safely.

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