Friday, November 24, 2006

Gagarin Jury Alekseevich - The biography

Gagarin BIRTH DATE AND BIRTH-PLACE: Was born on March, 9th, 1934 in the city of Gzhatsk (nowadays Gagarin) Gzhatsk (nowadays Gagarinsk) area of Smolensk area in family of the collective farmer. The father - Alexey Ivanovich Gagarin. Mother - Anna Timofeevna Gagarin.

MARITAL STATUS: the Wife - Valentine Ivanovna Gagarin (in girlhood Goryacheva). Children: daughters Elena (р. On April, 10th, 1959) and Galina (р. On March, 7th, 1961).

EDUCATION: 1951 - a vocational school № 10 in a Lyubertsy (the Moscow area) on a speciality of the former-metallurgist (with distinction); 1951 - school of young workers in a Lyubertsy (the Moscow area); 1955 - the Saratov industrial technical school (with distinction); 1955 - the Saratov aeroclub; 1957 - the First Chkalovsk military aviation school of pilots of a name of K.E.Voroshilova in the city of Orenburg; 1968 - Military-engineering academy of a name of N.E.Zhukovskogo in Moscow (with distinction).

SERVICE In the SOVIET ARMY: With 1955 - in the ranks of the Soviet Army. Since 1957 before transfer in group of astronauts served as the fighter pilot in aviation to a regiment of Northern fleet. « The military pilot of 1-st class » had qualification.

SPACE ACTIVITY: Since 1960 - in group of astronauts (the Order of the Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces on transfer from March, 3rd, 1960; actually since March, 11th, 1960). On April, 12th, 1961 has made the first-ever flight in space on a spacecraft "East" in 1 hour of 48 minutes. Since May, 23rd, 1961 - the commander of group of astronauts. Since December, 20th, 1963 - the deputy chief of Center of preparation of astronauts. The doubler of the pilot of a spacecraft "Soyuz" (Vladimir Mihajlovich of MOSQUITOES) at start on April, 23rd, 1967.

PUBLIC WORK: the Deputy of the Supreme body of the USSR of 6-th and 7-th convocations. A member of Central Committee VLKSM (he was elected at 14-th and 15-th congresses VLKSM). The chief of a non-staff department of astronautics of the newspaper « the Red Star » (with 1964). The president of the Society of the советско-Cuban friendship. The honorary member of the Society « Finland - the USSR ». With mission of the world and friendship has visited many countries of the world.

AWARDS And HONORARY TITLES: the Hero of Soviet Union (the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR from April, 14th, 1961). The hero of Socialist Work of Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. The hero of Socialist Work of National Republic Bulgaria (the Decision of Ministerial council NRB from May, 23rd, 1961). The hero of Work of Democratic Republic Vietnam. Owner of Lenin's award (the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR from April, 14th, 1961), George Dimitrova's award (the Decision of Ministerial council NRB from May, 23rd, 1961), an award «Grunvald cross I of a degree » (the Decision of State Council PNR from July, 20th, 1961), award «Playa-Hiron» (the Decision of Ministerial council of Republic Cuba from July, 24th, 1961), an award the Banner of Hungarian National Republic I of a degree with diamonds (the Decision of Presidium VNR from August, 21st, 1961), an award « the Necklace of Nile » (the Decree of the President of the Integrated Arabian Republic from January, 31st, 1962), the Large tape of the African star (the Decree of the president of Liberia from February, 6th, 1962), an award Charles Marx (GDR), the Star II degrees (Indonesia). « The pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR » (the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR from April, 14th, 1961) is awarded ranks. Owner of a gold badge of the Central committee of Communist party of Finland, a gold medal of the British society of interplanetary messages (the solution of Council of a society from June, 11th, 1961), a medal « For merits in the field of aerostation » Air force forces of Brazil (the order of the Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces of Brazil from July, 29th, 1961), a memorable gold medal of government Avtrii (the solution of the Federal government of Austria from May, 10th, 1962), a gold medal of a name of K.E.Tsiolkovskogo the USSR, a medal de Lavo (FAI), a gold medal and the honourable diploma of the International association « the Person in space », a gold medal and the honourable diploma of the Italian association of astronautics, a gold medal « For an outstanding difference » and the honourable diploma of the Royal aeroclub of Sweden, the Large gold medal and diploma FAI, a gold medal cities Saint-Deniss (France), Columbus's medal (Italy). It is awarded premiums Galeber on astronautics. The honourable citizen of the Russian cities of Kaluga (the solution of the Kaluga Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies from June, 13th, 1961), Novocherkassk, Smolensk, Saratov, the Ukrainian cities of Vinnitsas, Sevastopol, the Azerbaijan city of Sumgait, the Bulgarian cities of Sofia, Pernik, Plovdiv, the Greek city of Athenes (the solution of the Athenian municipality from February, 12th, 1962), the Cyprian cities of Famagustas, Limassol, the French city Saint-Denis, the Czech city to the ФУСЎюбЯ¬С-hothouse, the French city Saint-Denis. The honorary member of the International academy of astronautics (with 1966) . A life member of Club of researchers of space of faculty of physics of university in the city of Laknau, India (the solution of Council of club from November, 30th, 1961).On eternal storage gold keys from a gate of the Egyptian cities of Cairo and Alexandria have been handed over. Gagarin's name names a crater on moon and a planetoid (1772 Gagarin).


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