Friday, November 24, 2006

Manufacturing of multipurpose robots will be a mainstream in the Japanese industry in XXI century

The Ministry of Economics, trade and industries planning to select at an exhibition of robots spent to Tokyo about 50 best models, to begin their batch production. In opinion of representatives of the ministry, the robotics will be the main direction of the Japanese industry in XXI century.

For a batch production the most perfect models which will use mass demand are selected only. The majority of the models presented at the Tokyo exhibition, still require additional modernizing. Robots should know how to speak on several foreign languages, independently to patrol dangerous sites, to accompany and transport invalids.

On the World's fair of a robotics which will be spent in March, 2005 in three cities of prefecture Aiti, the Ministry of Economics, trade and will present the industry advanced achievements of a domestic robotics.

The ministry will render the target help to manufacturers of robots of new generation and to introduce their development in a batch production in 2006. By way of experiment by 2010 " the society of the future "where robots can coexist with people will be created. The purpose of experiment consists in converting a robotics into one of key industries of the national industry, alongside with its such pillar, as motor industry.

In 2004 on development of a robotics from the state budget the sum at a rate of 3,1 billion yens (25 million 800 thousand dollars) will be chosen.

In February the ministry will present the plan of holding of an exhibition of pre-production models of robots of new generation. Thus the ministry will incur half of expenditures on holding of research and development operations and will ensure full financing development of those models which will be presented at this exhibition.

According to the planned plan, eight robots will be intended for support of older persons and patroling of dangerous sites at the night, nine more robots will make them a backup command, 15 robots will look after children in kindergartens and 20 robots in the form of an invalid armchair will facilitate a life to invalids.

For security of a guarantee of safety at the first stage behind operation of each robot the official will continuously observe, but basically robots should displace and operate independently.

Visitors of an exhibition will see fascinating scenes of game of robots with children, cleaning of dust and conversation with foreign visitors in English and Chinese languages.


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