Sunday, November 26, 2006

The fighting nurse will lift the wounded man arms-claws and legs-caterpillars.

The idea about that from a battlefield robots (to not risk lives of medical staff) should take out wounded men, for a long time soared in air, however, this simple idea - from those technical tasks which in practice to realize very uneasy. And still there is a company which has safely undertaken the decision of the given problem.

To fighting robots this firm has come through medicine. Yes, on computer technologies for medical branch (together with for business) " American company Vecna Technologies has eaten a dog ".

But, in general, such expansion of activity not so is surprising. Heroically take out shooted fighter from under fire - than not the worthy purpose for medical-sister? Only here the nurse (or the nurse) XXI centuries, will be charged similar, soon from a network of 220 volt to drink lethally toxicant methanol, and she will squeeze out from a breast all of 227 kgs.

The current project of robotic units Vecna refers to "the Search and saving robot of a battlefield " (Battlefield Extraction and Retrieval Robot - BEAR). It is not similar to a bear, and looks like characters from of some fantastic films and animated cartoons, type caterpillar "Johnny-5" from "Short circuit".

Highlight BEAR is on what he moves. These are two pairs the caterpillars{tracks} bridged by the hinge on one the extremities in such a manner that the robot can on them how to slide, as if the tank to lift the case above (for example to put a load in a body of the machine), and completely to be straightened and use these caterpillars already as legs - the top caterpillars - as femurs, bottom - as an anticnemion, accordingly.

Such robot-transformer persistently suggests about Japanese anime, however, our history occursin the USA and in a reality.

All top part of the robot is not casually executed in humanoid appearance. So, developers believe, the machine can lift (accurately and reliably) is better and to carry the wounded person. Thus built in arms and a torso hydraulic drives are calculated on a useful load almost in 227 kgs.

Owing to "platform-tumbler toy" with a heap of electronics and the gyroscopes, set up on two big wheels, BEAR already has shown ability long to keep equilibrium and to transport on two arms of "fighter" (in which role, the truth, the dummy equipped in a military way) acted.


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