Sunday, November 26, 2006

India's Mars mission

The Indian space agency plans to send in 2012-2013 pilotless mission to Mars to research a chemical compound of an atmosphere and a ground of a planet. Tasks of this mission will include searches of tracks of a life, newspaper Hindustan Times writes.

"Mars appears on our horizon... Interesting data have allowed to obtain Missions of the USA and the European space agency. Give we shall look, what benefit our mission can bring", - the head of the Indian agency on research of space Madhavan Nair has told.

The nearest two-three years India is going to send the first pilotless vehicle to moon. Probe Chandrayaan-1 will conduct two years in a lunar orbit. For this time it should make new topographical and mineralogical cards of the natural satellite of the Earth.

In space India calculates the first start of the person to execute in 2014. The piloted spacecraft will go into an orbit of the Earth. By 2020 India plans to send piloted mission to moon.


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