Monday, November 27, 2006

The space port for UFO receives crowds of newcomers from the Earth

"I cannot tell precisely when they will arrive, but I know, that it happens ", - the 39-years teacher of elementary school Reynaldo Rios, the inhabitant tiny small Puerto Rico town "Lajas" speaks. Having received blessing of local authorities, Rios has devoted itself to construction of a landing strip for UFO.

At desire aliens can already orient now. On a roadside of a country road, in a southwest from Puerto Rico, for them the sign is installed: on a green board the silhouette of a flying saucer, marked by an inscription " the Extraterrestrial highway " is represented.

Local Lajas residents have apprehended appearance of such invitation differently. One have cheered up, in fact Rios, to all other, confirms, that at 13-years age "communicated" with alien visitors: white lights have rushed into his bedroom, have entered in a body and have jumped out of a wound which the guy has received, playing basketball.

Other townspeople have become angry and began to reproach mayor Marcos Irizarry, supported project Rios, with senseless expenditure of money: " It in general any nonsense, - is irritated 47-years Luis Arocho). - In our country crisis, and politicians instead of creating new workplaces, create imaginations".

At last, the third category of inhabitants Lajas argues, as it seems to them, more sensibly. Traffic signs and similarity of space port they calculate to attract not " green little men ", and usual "pink" humanoids - tourists with thick purses.

Mayor Irizarri insists on the same also. Speaks, that his purpose - to attract people in the small town strongly requiring tourist dollars. The head of municipality explains, that authorities will not finance the project. Instead of it they will help Rios with obtaining corresponding sanctions and the license for construction.

But mayor also is among "Lajas people", thinking, that they observed in this area of UFO: " This very mysterious place, - speaks Irizarri which once saw the red shone object manufactured zigzags above hills. - in our small town many saw such things ".

Naming professor Rejnaldo Rios stands in an atmosphere of with a flying saucer and waits. Whether aliens, whether tourists (photo AP/Brennan Linsley).


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