Monday, December 04, 2006

In the most ancient space object organic connections are found out

Research of the inclusions which have been found out in a meteorite from lake Tagish (Tagish), fallen in British Columbia per 2000, gives the basis to believe, that organic substances could be brought to the Earth from space, newspaper Guardian informs.
The given meteorite, scientists consider, can be the most ancient object accessible to direct research by scientists on the Earth. Its especial scientific value is caused also by that the meteorite has been found all in a week after falling that is why almost done not influence a terrestrial atmosphere.

In 2002 in thickness of a meteorite the cavities formed by connections of carbon, similar have been found out by that make a chemical basis of an alive matter on our planet. Thus the isotope analysis of the found out substances excludes their terrestrial origin. Moreover, the parity of isotopes corresponds to prospective structure of a gas cloud of which the Sun was formed, that is the substances concluded in cavities can be considered as the samples of the matter who has kept since times, preceded occurrence of our planetary system.

In opinion of some researchers, in particular, groups Kejko Nakamury-Messendzhera (Keiko Nakamura-Messenger) and Michael Zolenski (Michael Zolensky), insuch cavities, in conditions of relative isolation, could proceed the first reactions to our planet on formation of complex molecules which could play a role of predecessors in the evolutionary chain of organic connections led formation of a life on the ground.


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