Monday, December 04, 2006

Russia and China are united for development of safe nuclear reactors

China and Russia have signed the contract about the introduction into international forum Generation IV, informs AFP. The forum also includes Argentina, Brazil, the Great Britain, Canada, the USA, France, Switzerland, the republic of South Africa and South Korea, Japan. Also a member of communityis European agency Euratom.
Participants of a forum agree will exchange the scientific and technical information connected with development of nuclear rectors which are more effective and are less dangerous.

In particular, the project is called to develop innovative technologies in construction of the reactors making less of radioactive waste and materials which can have military application.

Organization Generation IV has been created six years ago. According to developed within the limits of a forum the plan for development, the countries-participants undertake joint efforts for creation of so-called nuclear reactors of the fourth generation, that is reactors on fast neutrons.

Predictably, commercial use of joint development can approximately begin through a quarter of a century.

Among the nearest results of work of the project – so-called "the Atomic power station of following generation " (NGNP), under construction in the American national laboratory of state of Idaho.


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