Monday, December 04, 2006

NASA will construct on the Moon a super-power radiotelescope

NASA intends to establish on the Moon the most powerful in the world a radiotelescope. According to the agency head of the Mail of Griffin, it becomes one of the main tasks to " lunar mission ", planned for 2018, informs British The Times.

Installation of a telescope on the Moon will give to astronomers and physicists unique opportunities for carrying out of space researches. It is expected, that data obtained with its help will help scientists to learn better history of space and to explain the laws operating the Universe.

The lunar telescope which owing to the site can look in space much further, than the telescopes located on the Earth, should also help to understand, how to mankind to reach other planets of solar system and the planets which are being behind its limits.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Trade of the Great Britain, in "lunar mission " 2018 the British astronauts can take part also. As marks The Times, It will be serious break for the British scientists who carry out researches of space, using exclusively space vehicles.

The future lunar project will demand significant financial investments from the Great Britain. This theme was discussed at a meeting of the British minister ona science and innovations Malcolm Wicks and chapter NASA of Michael Griffin. As has declared Wicks while they with Griffin refer that the Great Britain will accept feasible participation in preparation of the mission, corresponding to its opportunities. Detailed study of this question, according to Wicks - a subject of the future negotiations.


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