Monday, December 04, 2006

Start of shuttle Discovery is appointed to December, 8th

NASA has appointed date of start of shuttle Dicovery to the International space station (ISS), it is informed on a site of space agency. Return readout for start will begin on Monday, on December, 4th, at 23 o'clock on time of east coast USA. Start is planned to make on Thursday, on December, 7th, at 21 o'clock 35 minutes. In Moscow at this time there will be 5 hours of 35 minutes on December, 8th.
On start of the ship from the cosmodrome to cape Canaveral it is allocated five minutes. If start will not manage to be lead in due time, the second attempt will start Discovery is undertaken in day.

Present flight becomes 117 flight of space shuttles. This ship will go into an orbit to 33 times. The ship will deliver on ISS astronaut Sanitu Williams (Sunita Williams) which will replace on ISS the astronaut of the European space agency Thomas Rajtera (Thomas Reiter) which will return with a shuttle to the Earth. Among cargoes which the space shuttle will deliver to orbital station – the next farm which will form a constructive basis for the further construction of station. For seven days which the shuttle will be connected to SS, cosmonauts will make three outputs in a free space.

Mission Discovery should be prolonged 12 day. The shuttle should make landing to a special runway of the cosmodrome to cape Canaveral.


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