Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mars - Red Planet

Planet Mars in an antiquity have named in honour of the god of war for the blood-red colour which at once is evident and is swept even more appreciable at observations in a telescope. In days of Pifagorus (VI century) Greeks named this planet "Phaeton" that means « shining, radiant », Aristotel (IV century) has named Mars «Ares» named the god of war.

The image of Mars made by a computer from hundred of photos from "Viking". Oval spots at the left - huge volcanos. Mars - the first planet after the Earth Solar system to which the person has shown special interest with hope, that there is the life exists. Hardly any planet has caused in people so much disputes and discussions, as Mars. People of the most various occupations and age argued not only scientists, but also. Methods of researches were improved, astronomers of different generations replaced each other, character of discussions changed also. In XIX century argued, mainly, on channels on Mars, about presence there reasonable inhabitants - martians. Argued on existence on Mars vegetation and in general an organic life.
The greatest number of fancy novels, stories, stories is devoted to what planet? Certainly, to Mars. The imagination of writers warmed up interest of general public to the nature of a mysterious planet. Astronomers threw questions.

There were decades, methods of researches varied, our knowledge of the nature of a red planet collected. On a place of one riddles there were others, the number of the scientists grew, seeked to get into secrets of Mars. Now, in XXI century, quantity of riddles of Mars has not decreased, and, on the contrary, has increased.