Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is Microsoft at the end?

Well, this title should not be taken literally,
but worth reading the column by John Dvorak to Market
Watch. John says that although the company continues to
amass money, but that the major innovations to stay away
and the quality of products delivered not just the yellow
of the egg.

Source: Market

The Japanese want to Wii

I am not really surprised by the results of the
survey of the Japanese magazine Famitsu. When asked which
of the Next-Gen-Konsolen they would prefer, said 68.8% of
readers with the Wii from Nintendo, while the PS3 with
21% and the Xbox 360 with about 7% were far behind. That
could indicate that that Nintendo's strategy, not the
best technically console to send into the race but one,
which is affordable and offers innovative game ideas,
could pay off. Also hardly surprising: about 90% of
readers have responded that the PS3 is too expensive.

I would begrudge the success of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft,
however, until now I am disappointed. What is the use of me as
a gamer all the technical gimmicks, if only games I always
prefixed wars, which I have several hundred times on other
systems have played? I want to feel fresh air in this industry,
which focus on the essentials in their business from the eyes
seem to have lost. For me, there are currently only a few
companies that their products really orient the players, and
one of them is Nintendo. My voice got her safely.

Source: Games

German police launched a video game

The police in the English West Yorkshire laudably, the idea of
a Web-based game to launch the Teaching children to properly
deal. City Zones can be in a browser window play, and should
tumble young people with tricky puzzles on the go.

On the game:
City Zones

Source: Games

Live Anywhere combines game platforms

Networking is everything. PCs can be a long
time through the Internet or on a network together. Game
consoles may even longer, but what is now Microsoft has
made a revolution in the networking platforms for video
games: What today is Xbox Live will soon Live
hot and PC, consoles and even handheld
mobile phones, as well as each other. How can henceforth
player, at home on a Windows Vista-equipped computer to
play with Xbox 360 players. How can we live in Anywhere
can open an account, which is on every Platfform can
play. In the mobile phone game can be retrieved and news
stands. The idea is great, but how the whole works will
be first in over a year to see and experience.


Da Vinci Code should PS3 anschieben

The video game industry gets even more
Schützenilfe colleagues in the film industry. Sony wants
the newly released film Da Vinci Code end of the
year rather than Blu-Ray film, so the launch of the PS3
support. The PS3 was at the E3 in Los Angeles and is
presented because of the unusually high selling price of
600 euros (600 US $) from all sides critical voices
harvested. Sony defended its strategy, including the
argument that the PS3 Blu-Ray Player of the cheapest on
the market, while other providers rather their devices
for 900 euros and would sell more. The offer sounds
tempting in the first moment, because we finally get the
money for an additional game console of the new
generation, but could form the shot go backwards, because
the future of video formats is anything but certain. If
Blu-Ray HD-DVD against Sony probably would enforce on
many consoles to stay down, because the Blu-Ray-Laufwerk
that a large part of the price of the PS3 makes it for
the consumer is unlikely to benefit, because even for the
most advanced games, the memory capacity of an HD-DVD

Source: Games

The Xbox 360 Uncloaked

Dean Takahashi has finally his book on the Xbox


Works: The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind
Microsoft's Next-Generation Video Game Console

Tactical Iraqi

I am speechless. The campaign of self-world
savior in Iraq takes from week to week bizarre forms.
With Tactical Iraqi shoots the US Army but really the

Many armies of the world are training their troops in computer
simulations, depending on the purpose purely visually very
strong popular video games out Tactical Iraqi goes one step
further. The software simulates not fight situations, but the
soldiers should help to deal with the Iraqi population to
learn, a kind of
Sims for soldiers. At the same time,
the game teaches the soldiers shreds the main Arabic to
interact with the locals at least rudimentary supporting.

Tactical Iraqi

The Xbox 360 receives a new heart

Video game consoles were until now always
closed systems. Perhaps they contain components from
different manufacturers, but in fact were consoles of the
same type also in the design. Sony has been at the time
of the PlayStation with this tradition broken and after a
few years, a smaller, improved PSone on the market. Also,
the PS2 appeared in the sequence after some time in the
form of the much more compact Slim PS2 version, which is
not only much smaller than the first models, but also an
integrated network adapter, the one in front of it still
had to buy separately. Microsoft Xbox spendierte of
several successors. Although designed for the consumer it
is not clear, so there are different models of the black
box. The version numbers range from 1.0 to 1.6 and there
are also several DVD drives were used. Now, the Xbox 360
will undergo a revision, and a new CPU. The new cores are
65nm and 90nm no longer in the manufacturing process,
which both heat as well as electricity to reduce
consumption of chips. Furthermore, it can be more units
to lower costs to produce.

The consoles thus move a step closer to the PC approach,
always with new components must be to the latest software to be
able to play.

Source: Games

A sewing machine for the Game Boy

That man with a video-game consoles now do more
than just play, the producers have already demonstrated,
modern systems are finally in a position to music and
movies. That, however, a Game Boy with a sewing machine
control and with the appropriate software even new stitch
pattern design and can save is aussergewohnlich. The
sewing machine for the Game Boy was developed in 2000.


Clash of Titans: next round

The battle for supremacy among the game
consoles of the next generation is not just the hardware
but mainly decided by the software. That is in itself
nothing new, because after all, it was always so, that
consoles with good games sold better than those with bad.
For several years, but has become more difficult since
most of Cross-platform title to be published. There are
also exceptions, and sometimes a publisher decides, for
whatever reason, a game exclusively for a specific
platform to publish. If these publishers still one of the
great as for example Ubisoft and a Toptitel like
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway announces it
deserves special attention such message. In this case
seems to Ubisoft decided to have the title only for the
PC and PS3 to announce the Xbox 360 was nowhere
mentioned. If this is really true and should really
decide Ubisoft, Microsoft in the publication of such a
peak before title to the outside, then that's a political
statement to evaluate. This should, in any case,
Microsoft aufstossen sour.

Source: Games

Ingame Advertising

Product placement is for those from well-known
films and the audience is not particularly popular,
especially when the advertising is not discrete but as a
full image. This is the world of video games not spared,
because for many years is also in Games ever more
advertising. Some games were even explicitly as
advertising media. The trend is clearly in the direction
of personalized advertising, which the online play
directly from the network into the game eingespiesen, and
it is hardly a player can protect. If that should help,
the cost of the Games to reduce the approach could also
for the benefit of consumers, but this is more than
questionable. has now published an
article, which quantifies how much we issue in the future
yet to come.

Source: Games

Spore: The development game

Whoever thinks that the game industry is
expected to ideas, and that they only is able to produce
destructive games, probably knows Will Wright yet. He is
one of the most creative minds in the scene and has
apparently once again an ace in the sleeve. First
information that could
spur his latest project from the game
principle revolutionary. Follows below, and even read
what Spore has to offer.


When the robot running learned

The idea of humanoid machines, which should
serve the people is not new, both novelists and directors
sat down with the idea apart, and in the latest period
also engineers. George Lucas has the golden droids C3PO
for his film Star Wars, and creates a robot iRobot gained
an awareness and committing a murder. Both figures are
fictitious nature, but since a few years working in
Japan, the researchers from Honda to a real humanoid
robot. ASIMO has since the first version made amazing
progress. Especially in the field of fine motor and
sensor technology, the project is already very far


Gimmicks for Retro-Fan

The fans of retro games is growing steadily
in recent years. Many Zocker the first hour, the slowly
in the years to come, indulge in the old classic games
like Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. or Bomberman in the
memory of long-past days. Most of these games are still
using emulators on the PC domestic play, but remains
bitter: mouse and keyboard as well as modern joypads if
you feel now is not more so bulky as the old input
devices from the Stone Age of video games . But there is
hope, because
Retro Zone offers the most
USB-Versionen cult Games controller, which is connected
to any PC, without the need for drivers or other software
to be installed. For true fans almost a must.

Super Mario a terrorist?

Understand that in the States after the trauma of 9 / 11 every
single bag and a suitcase any immediate action of the police,
military and other specialized units trigger, but the
decreases, and also very bizarre forms. In Ohio, five girls
painted on blocks with question marks in their districts and
thus triggered alarm. A website had advertised a game in which
it blocks such as from the game Super Mario Bros. are known,
and then manufactured in different places should be placed. The
girls had participated, and were apparently unaware of what the
consequences would be.

Presumably President George Bush in a subsequent meeting with
the Secret Service informed that a very dangerous terrorist
named Mario national security threat.

Daily Game


Democracy is a game. The principle is simple,
the less precise rules.

If you make a picture of them and really wants to try to play
the democracy you should try to deal below.

Link to the game:

Playing against cancer

As in another article on the Get Well Gamers
here we come to another very interesting project. A game
that children with cancer benefit. The shooter called
Re-Mission in which the player a nano-robot controls,
which kills cancer cells to be children with cancer a
sense of power to the disease. The whole is also a
research project coupled, which is trying to bring
experience, if the game impacts on the course of the

Re-Mission a game & community for
young people with cancer

The price issue

The people at Nintendo are aware that they have
their own horizons hinausschauen can and a big heart for
players. It is also no secret that Satoru Iwata an
opponent of the constant rise in software prices. Even if
the production costs of the games in recent years
exploded and the trend in terms of the anbrechende
Next-Generation-era persist, is Nintendo's Boss considers
that the purchase price of a game with $ 60 U.S., the
pain of consumers . So, he has stated that he can not
imagine that Nintendo games mark exceed $ 50 U.S.. How
exactly will employ Nintendo this, and whether the
quality of the games will suffer, we will probably not
soon enough.

Source: Games

Get Well Gamers

Get Well Gamers is a foundation,
which aims has made Kiderabteilungen of hospitals
throughout the United States with video game systems
capabilities. The games aim to help children, longer
stays in hospital and should shorten also serve to
support pain therapies. Stay probably only the question
of what games they want to supply hospitals ...

Addendum: just another link in my mailbox fluttered.
Child's Play is called an initiative
similar to the Get Well Gamers trying to sick children
with video games up.

In brand we trust

I found Sony as a brand has always been
sympathetic, why can I not explain exactly, but it is a
brand that I trust, because I think that they are good
products on offer. Even Nintendo is very nice to me,
because I think that behind the brand are people for whom
money is not everything in this world. Also, I think that
they are very creative and always for a good innovation.
Microsoft, however, is rather unpleasant to me, but here
I can not explain why, finally have an Xbox and I think
that it's a pretty good piece of hardware. Nevertheless,
I like the mark is not quite like. That such feelings
buyers with their shopping behavior control is neither
new nor particularly exciting, but a lot about the
development of a market comment. For example, I am even
more of the view that Microsoft is good hardware and
games produced, but the customer emotionally less to bind
to white, as Sony or Nintendo. I am also quite sure that
this is an important factor for the fact that the PS2 is
still the most successful console. A study in which these
criteria were investigated, now occupied my suspicions,
at least in part, Sony and placed in favor of consumers
far ahead of Nintendo or Microsoft.


Pac Manhattan

You are incorrigible freaks and still plays PacMan? You wanted
always PacMan? Now you can! Yes, because in Manhattan, the real
game is played. You think it not? Then
PacManhattan knows it yet. The rules
are simple, but you should have stamina, so nothing for

The Healing Game

Raph Koster, his character gifted game
designers, plays an entry in his blog with the idea, a
MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) to develop, in
which the other role-playing or shooters popular
mechanics of healing to the main activity of the players
will be charged. 'The Healing Game', so his idea would
have the aim of healing items to collect and combine them
to be so in quests or missions NPCs (Non Player
Characters) or other players to heal. A game that is
completely without violence would be avoided. The idea is
noble, and the game would certainly exciting, but whether
this would be enough buyers, we can not yet foresee, this
is the game concept yet to dare. A similar idea has
already Nintendo in his OP-Spiel
Trauma Center: Under the Knife
implemented, in which the players as surgeons can try and
act on virtual patients need.

Raph's Website

Addendum: How could I forget? The idea of a OP-Sim is ancient!
Even at times of the Amiga, there was a game called 'The
Surgeon'. It was very bad, but that is beside the point.

Education 2.0

For once, I would like to slightly away from the world of
video games, convert, but a subject up to me and probably many
other students and graduates of academic training under the
burning. A topic that is discussed repeatedly, and the fear
many have never been in our latitudes Uni-Abgänger so many
unemployed as it is today. The lucky ones, after studying find
a job, often with internship positions satisfied that also paid
accordingly. Assessment mention the companies that construct,
which will be officially aimed suitable candidates for a
permanent position out of that. In truth, they can result in
well-trained to access resources without much to pay and, in
addition, they can temporarily return intended as interns
contracts are usually short notice periods. The air is thin for
Uni-Absolventen become, especially if they intend to found a
family. Yet even here is the principle that each of his own
happiness blacksmith, and so of course we must also mention
that many are not prepared Ex-Studenten a 100% boost job, but
still feel that they have as entry-level salary for at least 6
' 000 francs (about 4,000 euros) deserve. That can only go
wrong. Nor should one think about whether it is not generally
the quality of graduates has declined. Reinhard K. Sprenger, a
doctor of philosophy, which claims
(in this
article), and at least, this leads to
the democratization of education, which is (almost) all
allowed to study, including those who are not the stuff
to have. I give him points in all, but here he makes the
bill without the use of an important variables, the
quality of teaching. Nothing comes from nothing, and when
you speak of poor students, we must (also called Doctor
of Philosophy), the teachers and university structures in
the considerations involved. In many faculties of Europe
is the abysmal care of the students and that is not
merely an overcrowded lecture halls but also the fact
that the professors dermassen busy with other things
(publish or perish), that the lectures and papers of
their proteges are secondary. Whether these abuses
through the privatization of universities that can be
corrected, I doubt, but it seems clear that urgent action
is needed.

The University as a training facility has an image eingebüsst,
technical colleges and other institutions are on the rise, and
this thing, then the university probably soon only small elite
circles reserved, because no one wants to ...

For this contribution, I was inspired by the following items:

The original hard bloggin

Education 2.0: permanent placements,
urbane Pennertum and quality downgrade

The uncertain future Xbox

Adam Roberts, Executive Vice President of the
Publishers Vivendi Europe, revealed in a recent interview
with concerned for the future of the
Xbox. In fact, Microsoft seems to be since the launch of
the Xbox 360 is not much more to the older sister to take
care of. It should also noticed the game developers, and
there is a risk that the life cycle of the remains
competitive console could end prematurely. Also, the
seller could be on Microsoft's behavior react negatively
and the Xbox no longer support, in order not to bear the
risk to their stockpiles to sit. Meanwhile, Sony seems,
despite the announcement of their PS3 still on the still
highly successful PS2 noted and one can assume that even
in the next few years games for the console will appear.
The same strategy has Sony already with the first
PlayStation persecuted, whose production recently, four
years after appear to be the PS2, has been set. Whether
these fears are true and whether Microsoft's Xbox really
in the verses distractions can disappear, probably in the
course of the year. From today's perspective, such a
strategy seems least still sensitive, but the launch of
the Xbox 360, especially in Asia and in Europe is not
exactly brilliant.

Source: Games

Production of the PlayStation set

An era is coming to an end. Sony has announced
that the production of the good old PlayStation after 12
years. Longer has become only the Atari 2600 on the
market held, namely 14 years. But fans of the gray box
must not abandon the classic games, finally, both the PS2
as well as for this year announced PS3 fully backward,
and in an emergency can be found in the network also very
good emulators for the PC, as for example

Gama Sutra

Nintendo lifting the veil a little ...

Now Nintendo has also, at least in part, the
silence is broken and Satoru Iwata at the Game Developers
Conference (GDC), the company officially announced
strategy after some of the details leaked weeks ago. It
is clear that Nintendo appears to lack the resources to
the technological arms race of competitors Sony and
Microsoft say, but obviously was never the intention.
Iwata stressed that not a great game graphics package,
but the Spialbarkeit, the gameplay. Thank you, Mr. Iwata.
Thus, he reasoned, the lack of support for the
high-definition format. In his view, are still too few
televisions and video for the new standard, and are now
in the next few years slowly spread. Nintendo wanted for
the design of new video games new ways and the players
unprecedented opportunities. An important role will be
with the new security controller, which is designed, the
movements of the players using sensors to detect. Another
important strategic factor is the backward compatibility
of the Nintendo Revolution, which will be able, even
Nintendo games of the oldest generations in a new glory
to leave, and this is something hot, Nintendo has finally
been quite a few consoles on the market and the portfolio
of games is huge. This approach, however, all providers,
and Microsoft with the Xbox 360 in the field at the
shortest lever is because old Xbox games on the console
only be emulated, and the number of supported games arg
still remains too weak. Nevertheless, the bill for all
this rise, since the one is just very retro gaming in and
also can be so out of the cult of long-forgotten title
without large capital expenses beat. Unfortunately silent
Nintendo remains on the exact specifications of the
Revolution, but we can wait.


... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... lift!

Has Sony's Master Mind Ken Kutaragi just good
bluffing? One question that many will be facing in the
near future, especially the men of Bill Gates. While they
still are not really the successful launch of its wonders
console nice to talk to Ken increases as the Phoenix from
the ashes and turns quickly from a marketing debacle a
very good show. If the PS3 really that out, as is now
officially announced, it will be the last quarter of this
year nervenzerfetzend exciting.

Games Industry has drafted a brief

Real Virtuality and War

One of the most exciting questions in the
context of video games for me is still how this in the
last few decades our society (media) have coined, and
even turn were influenced by this. My thesis is that
video games and video game systems to a driving factor
for the merger and hybridization of various advanced
technologies. Several industries have already thrust of
the video game industry have discovered, and these uses.
Not least, the military and the defense industry, the
video games has been going on for years, their purposes
(mis) need. Recent examples are projects of the U.S. Army
and the South Korean armed forces, which gamers as a
consultant for the development of war-simulations or to
use modern weapons systems to use, which of the control
her imitates a video game. The following links refer to
two articles, which a brief glimpse into a reality, which
only a few years ago as hollywoodsche vision would have
been ridiculed.

Soldiers Use Skills to Game Master Remote

South Korean Air Force recruits


On both articles, there are comments from various readers,
some of which I would like to add here.

"Very worrying. With the increase of RPVs / Drones / etc armed
robots Skynet gets a bit closer with each passing year ...
(Link: Wikipedia on Skynet)

I'm half joking .. But not helped. "

"Some day the korean army will have commanders who are high
ranking Starcraft players."

"The whole program crumbles when they discover that" God Mode
"does not exist on the battlefield, just a lot of griefing and
player killing .... and no way to drop connection when you're

It's all about space

Time is precious today, as well as storage space, you never
have enough of them. Modern hard disks are already almost in
the terabyte range, and still has almost every PC users perform
periodic Entrümpelungsaktionen so that the computer before
louder garbage not in the knee. Well, fortunately turns the
technology-spiral ever faster and resourceful researchers find
new ways to the performance of the medium.

An interesting is throwing Samsung succeeded. They have
recently, the first 32GB flash memory card presented soon and
want to be able to much larger models to be developed. Not that
the new technology would be particularly because ultimately
lies in virtually every digital camera already such a card, but
they have a capacity of no more than a few gigabytes. The
advantages? For one contains a SSD (Solid State Disk) no moving
parts and is thus very good for the mobile sector, where
mechanical vibrations could damage hard drives, it also weighs
only about half of a conventional hard drive, takes about 95%
less power and works completely silent. Even when data
throughput, the SSD's ahead, as they can about 3 times faster
read and 1.5 times faster described as a mechanical disk. The
use game consoles in the next generation is already planned.


In the year 2010

According to a study by the American market
research company In-Stat will focus on the current
distribution of the console market in 2010 is not much
change. Although the Xbox 360 with its early start at an
edge on the Nintendo Revolution and especially on the
PS3, will Sony in 2010, with over 50% still dominate the

Source: EE
Times Online

The Xbox 360 in heat

The German Konsolen-Modder by
have made a terrible discovery. After cutting a Xbox 360
they believe the reason for the
overheating problems found on the
console. It appears, at the assembly of some machines
forget the protective film to remove what the
Wärmeleitpad between the graphics chip and the heat sink
from contamination such as dust contamination. This is
obviously the derivation of the heat affected by the
graphics chip, which can lead to crashes and in the worst
case of heat exposure to graphic unit, and thus the
entire console. If this fear out to be correct, it could
be a severe setback for Microsoft's plans, the video-game
world to conquer ... jaja, the video-game world exists in
a parallel universe known to the world. Wusstet you not?

Addendum: Microsoft has on the allegation by
responded and
issued a statement in which is that
this film very much a purpose, and the assembly and
disassembly easier. This shows once again that we should
prefer to wait before such messages without a review.
Should me a lesson.

Are video games art now?

The discussion, whether video games (also) be
art or just a vulgar excesses of pop culture, will soon
be a rich argument. Three well-known personalities of the
video games guild come next week to unexpected honor.
Shigeru Miyamoto, Michel Ancel and Frederick Raynal, in
Paris knights of the Order of Arts and Literature beaten.
It is the first time that developers of video games in
this way in France to be honored. This can be interpreted
as recognition of video games as an art form designed,
but that's not the issue clarified, but the discussion in
the next round.

Source: Games

The Next-Generation-nightmare

Once again, the video-game industry last year,
its huge marketing machine angeworfen and propagated
since the birth of a new generation of hardware and
software, but after the financial reports for the last
quarter of mood prevails in many hangover. Many companies
wrote the red, others even disappeared from the scene.
The Buzz, which the Next Generation made, the sale of
products of current systems in the last six months
adversely affected. Consumers receive only a console,
which still has many childhood diseases and games,
although technically refurbished, but not more than
infusions titles are already available. These are many
promises, which are already partially again, as in
politics precisely.

The Internet magazine with the appropriate name Next
Generation, in a seeming almost ironic article on the search
for the culprits for this
transition Nightmare.

What is a medium?

We live in a media society, so much is certain. We hear the
word "medium" almost daily and associate more so now than we
would like. Even video games fall into the category "media",
and this makes the limitation of the concept is not easy. In
December 2005, on this ground in Weimar an interdisciplinary
conference held to just this
question: "What is a medium?"

The website can be audio files of lectures and discussions in
Ogg Vorbis format.

Quo vadis, game industry?

In early February in California was a meeting
between some key figures in the video game industry.
Representatives from Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft
discussion on the future of video games.,
under the title
"Industry icons get connected", a
recording of the speeches published. This has centered
mainly on networking of players and the further
development of the forms of distribution of the games.
There was agreement that single-player games with the
rise of broadband Internet connections around the world
rapidly lose their importance and soon thing of the past.

Raph Koster, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Online
Entertainment, is clearly expressed on the subject of online
games: "The entire video game industry's history thus far has
been an aberration. It has been a mutant monster only made
possible by unconnected computers. People always play games
together. All of you learned to play games with each other.
When you were kids, you played tag, tea parties, cops and
robbers, what have you. The single game is a strange mutant
monster which has only existed for 21 years and is about to go
away because it is unnatural and abnormal. "

Mr. Koster, I also play video games with other people rather
than alone, but only if these people are my friends and I sit
in the same room. Playing on an Internet line I miss the
emotional closeness to my teammates / opponent, I can have its
physical reaction to a game situation not see, hear maximum.
Robbers policeman and they say? Sure, I have this as a small
child and played with other children. I wonder how such a thing
after its concept should be implemented on a data line, alone
in a room ... it is my belief that when this game was out
earlier and in so doing made the clothes dirty, it was an
experience in itself. If they want people to play with each
other, then they give us ten Gamepads and games, the man with
so many people before a single screen can play in the same
place. Sony has with games such as
Buzz! Yes finally put before (of
course, there are still a lot of older games of this
type), a genius.

The second major issue was the distribution of video games in
the future. Microsoft's Peter Moore spoke about the end of the
era in which games to data sources such as CDs or DVDs burned
or crushed and sold in a store, and of a new era, one in which
the games only on the Internet. hätte vertrieben werden sollen.
First steps in this direction had already Valve with the
publication of Halflife2 undertaken, the ursprünlich only
through the online platform Steam would be distributed. It was
concluded, however, that so many potential buyers would lose,
and so the decision was taken to the game on disks for sale.

The problem with the digital distribution is, however, more
complex than you think. Valve noticed the fairly soon, as the
Steam-server whether the demand for Halflife2 for weeks and
were unlikely to reach it took months before the operation
could be stabilized. Furthermore, the Druchdringung of
households with high-speed Internet connections worldwide still
to be desired. But all to be able to download games, we need
more than just an analog modem and a phone, if you are not
months for such a download will invest, ultimately, it is not
necessarily so that the Games are less and less space would be
needed. A third aspect is the inhibition of many people,
shopping on the Internet, especially if they have no credit
cards. All these hurdles are logically gradually fall, but it
is certainly still a few decades, until the good old data
carriers have outlived.

You are your avatar

On is an excerpt of an article
with the title to

read: "For a new personality, click here."
Two researchers
at Stanford University have found that computer gamers by the
appearance of their avatars, which they choose in their game
behavior can be influenced.

The world according to Googlezon

Conspiracy theories, one loves it or hates it. What a
cock-and-bull as categorically dismiss, for other far more than
just a rumor. A spark, but truth is always behind.

In the footsteps of George Orwell's 1984 characterized the
Flash Movie
Epic 2015 gloomy picture of the near
future in which Google and Amazon an information monopoly
build, among other things, it allows any person on the
planet via the Internet to locate precisely. Although
this short film with a wink daherkommt the technical
prerequisites for this vision are already present.

There is also a German version, read
by Franziska Pigulla, the German voice of agent Dana
Scully in The X-Files.

Virtuality meets Reality

"In whatever form manifested at the network-data-in our world
everyday-life space? What comes from the cyberspace back in the
physical space? As the digital innovations affect our daily
actions? "

This raises questions Aram Bart Holl, Architect of his
character, and provides both on its website possible answers in the
form of various installations. Recommended value.

The importance of Game Play

To the question, what was a good game, do I
always like the good old
Bomberman 3 from the year 1995 for
the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) as an
example. A game that we circle of friends (you know who
you are) always willing to play, as simple and yet it is
competitively and simply weird fun. Since the release of
the first Bomberman 1983 for the MSX in Japan, the
knuddelige pyromaniac over the years several
reincarnations on all possible platforms to the latest
generation console experienced and still is around the
world very popular. His recipe is simple: a video game
absolute beginners can take control of the game
relatively quickly learn, and by the simple graphic
reserves also hectic situations in the overview.

scheint das Image des Spiels entstauben zu wollen und darüber
hinaus das Erscheinungsbild dem heutigen technischen Standard
Bomberman Act:Zero , das auf der Xbox
360 erscheinen wird, kommt erwachsener daher als seine
farbenfrohen Vorgänger. Will that change soon? Hudson
seems to be the image of the game entstauben want to and
beyond the appearance of today's technical standards.
Bomberman Act: Zero, which is
available on the Xbox 360 will appear, therefore adult
colorful than his predecessor. Let's just hope that the
shot primarily in gameplay not to back off. The danger is
that the former control a very intuitive control scheme
emerges, which is really for four hands and 50 fingers
would appear given the popular maxim that more is just
better, real, as is the graphics. It is hardly surprising
that modern games try the concentrated power of the
latest hardware auszureizen, just like Bomberman games
but owe a large part of their good playability of
manageable graphics, in this case, less is definitely
more so. At first images on the website of the developer,
but it looked like it would be in Bomberman Act: Zero to
detailed characters and environments, perhaps seasoned
with explosion-screen effects.

Although it is still too early to speculate about the durable
finished product, and we can assume that at the Hudson
programming on the roots of the game bethinks: Bomberman is not
the first game that his playability of the visual splendor
sacrifice had to.


ins Leben gerufenen Spiderman, der von
1977-1979 in den USA auch in Fleisch und Blut über die
Bildschirme flimmerte. Behind this Anglicanism is a jewel
of the Japanese trash.
Supaidaman is actually nothing other
than the original 2.0 version of the Marvel comic forge
launched Spiderman, from 1977 to 1979 in the USA and in
flesh and blood on the screens glimmered.

For a sausage Japanese relations, especially in comparison to
how the hero or the Kung-Fu-Rocker
Megaloman churl Godzilla (Gojira
Japanese). Supaidaman emerged in the heyday of the
Japanese - tights fetish, and is of particular importance
as an American TV series for sponsorship.

If you see this episode, however, raises the question of
whether the whole thing rather than parody to understand.
Entertaining it is alleweil. Note especially the sub-title,
which subsequently inserted by fans. Maximum
Rain or
Bowman are probably even worse.

Interested find the way,
here are some other style flowers.

Play it again, Duke!

Each year, the
Vaporware Awards. These are
technologies that, although announced with great tam-tam,
but never saw the light of the world. auf den Tron
geschafft. Also this year, it
Duke Nukem Forever on the Tron
managed. in Entwicklung ist und dessen Veröffentlichung
schon etliche Male verschoben wurde, war als Nachfolger
des 1996 erschienenen Duke Nukem 3D geplant. The game
that since 1997 at 3D Realms in development and whose
publication has been postponed several times, as a
successor of the 1996 published Duke Nukem 3D. erst
kürzlich verlauten liess, dass nach wie vor mit Hochdruck
an dem Spiel gearbeitet wird, doch niemand glaubt so
recht an eine Veröffentlichung vor 2050. Duke Nukem If
Ever , wie das Spiel von den Fans mittlerweile liebevoll
genannt wird, dürfte demnach eines der teureren Projekte
der Branche werden, das dem Hype vermutlich nie gerecht
werden wird, weil die derzeit verwendete
Unreal Engine bis zur
Veröffentlichung wohl schon lange zum alten Eisen gehören
wird. Astonishing is that 3D Realms had recently
announced that remains with high pressure in the game
worked, but no one really believes in a publication
before 2050. Duke Nukem If Everhard, like the game of the
fans now affectionately called , is likely to be one of
the most expensive projects in the industry, which should
provide the hype probably never will be fair because the
Unreal engine currently in use until
the publication probably for a long time belong to the
old iron. I still like to let myself be surprised and
predict that the game as a cult software, despite all
sell well.

Microsoft: Revive PC gaming

Is playing on the PC passé? At least, according
to the image of the PC as a gaming platform
suffers. Game consoles have in the last few years, the
personal computer has expired and the rank with the
launch of the latest generation of living room-boxes like
Sony's PS3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 or Nintendo's
Revolution, the situation is tighter than ever.
Microsoft, even for years, this trend involved, will now
change and a renaissance of the PC as a game machine
usher. Well then Prost ...


Vs. Xbox 360. The Public Good

Even is Microsoft's latest offspring
skeptical and asked whether the early launch of Xbox 360
games industry harmed. Evidence is sufficient. According
to, the industry is not yet ready for a new
generation of consoles.


Five Ways to Save the Xbox 360

When you apparently believes that the
Xbox 360 still much improved. In fact, fighting the
console since its launch, with a number of problems.
Overheating, drives, which the DVDs scratch, the bad
start in Asia and the like. But is not in the
criticism and offers a solution in five points.


Credits: 1

Mad props for my friend bastelwütigen Livio, of me with the
blog-fever infected, and without which I now would not write.
He gave me the first steps in a technical sense and is taught
me better or worse still need further support to the main
tricks I have learned.

Rastafaraaaaaii! !

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