Friday, November 03, 2006

American radiosatellite is started from a platform in Pacific Ocean

On the night of Tuesday in Pacific ocean successful start of the launcher Zenith-3SL within the limits of the program « Marine start » is executed, informs ITAR-TASS.

The rocket which has started from floating space port will deliver to an orbit the American satellite of broadcasting XM-4 of the company «Satellite Radio ».

Start of the satellite was postponed once because of technical malfunctions.
Started became already the fifth start which has been executed by company Sea Launch in 2006.

Satellite HM-4 created by corporation Boeing, has weight of 5193 kgs. Term of its activity is calculated for 15 years. Satellite will provide broadcasting in territory of the USA and Canada for an audience in seven millions person.

Three similar satellites XM have been started by Marine start in March, May, 2001, and also in February, 2005.

Now Sea Launch is the unique company in the world, capable to execute starts from platforms on water. In this consortium created in 1995, include American company Boeing, British-Norwegian Kvaerner Group, CB "Southern" and a production association «Uzhmash» (Ukraine), and also RCC "Energia"(Russia).

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Isaac Azimov

His diligence amazes: he has written almost 500 books, among which popular scientific and fantastic, detectives and historical researches and humour, guidebooks under the Bible and Shakespeare.

He wrote for all known kinds of the periodical press.
The magazine " Fantasy and Science Fiction" monthly published his articles about advanced achievements of a science for a 33 years!. Five years he conducted a weekly scientific column for Los Angeles Times Syndycate.